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import os, popen2
import gtk, gobject
import dialog
from logging import info

from zeroinstall.injector import reader
from zeroinstall.injector.policy import Policy
from gui import policy
XMLNS_0COMPILE = 'http://zero-install.sourceforge.net/2006/namespaces/0compile'

class Command:
      def __init__(self):
            self.child = None
            self.error = ""

      def run(self, command, success):
            assert self.child is None
            self.success = success
            self.child = popen2.Popen4(command)
            gobject.io_add_watch(self.child.fromchild, gobject.IO_IN | gobject.IO_HUP, self.got_data)
      def got_data(self, src, cond):
            data = os.read(src.fileno(), 100)
            if data:
                  self.error += data
                  return True
                  status = self.child.wait()
                  self.child = None

                  if os.WIFEXITED(status) and os.WEXITSTATUS(status) == 0:
                        if os.WIFEXITED(status):
                              status = os.WEXITSTATUS(status)
                              if status == 1 and not self.error:
                                    return # Cancelled
                              dialog.alert(None, "Command failed with exit code %d:\n%s\n" %
                                    (status, self.error))
                              dialog.alert(None, "Command failed:\n%s\n" % self.error)
                  return False

def compile(interface):
      import zeroinstall
      if reader.parse_version(zeroinstall.version) < reader.parse_version('0.24'):
            dialog.alert(None, _('Sorry, the compile feature requires 0launch 0.24 or later, but '
                  'you only have version %s.\n\nNew versions are available from http://0install.net')
                  % zeroinstall.version)
      def add_feed():
            # A new local feed may have been registered, so update the interface from the cache
            info("0compile command completed successfully. Reloading interface details.")

      def build():
            # Get the chosen versions
            src_policy = Policy(interface.uri, src = True)
            src_policy.freshness = 0

            if not src_policy.ready:
                  raise Exception('Internal error: required source components not found!')

            root_iface = src_policy.get_interface(src_policy.root)
            impl = src_policy.implementation[root_iface]
            min_version = impl.metadata.get(XMLNS_0COMPILE + ' min-version', None)
            if not min_version: min_version = '0.4'
            # Check the syntax is valid and the version is high enough
            if reader.parse_version(min_version) < reader.parse_version('0.4'):
                  min_version = '0.4'

            # Do the whole build-and-register-feed
            c = Command()
                  '--not-before=' + min_version,
                  interface.uri), add_feed)

      # Prompt user to choose source version
      c = Command()
      c.run(['0launch', '--gui', '--source', '--download-only', interface.uri], build)

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