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zeroinstall::injector::model Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

In-memory representation of interfaces and other data structures.

The objects in this module are used to build a representation of an XML interface
file in memory.

@see: L{reader} constructs these data-structures.

@var defaults: Default values for the 'default' attribute for <environment> bindings of
well-known variables.


class  Binding
class  Dependency
class  DownloadSource
class  EnvironmentBinding
class  Feed
class  Implementation
class  Interface
class  Recipe
class  Restriction
class  RetrievalMethod
class  Stability


def _join_arch
def _split_arch
def canonical_iface_uri
def escape
def format_version
def parse_version
def unescape


dictionary _version_mod_to_value
tuple _version_re = re.compile('-([a-z]*)')
dictionary _version_value_to_mod = {}
tuple buggy = Stability(5, 'buggy', 'Known to have serious bugs')
dictionary defaults
tuple developer = Stability(10, 'developer', 'Work-in-progress - bugs likely')
tuple insecure = Stability(0, 'insecure', 'This is a security risk')
string network_full = 'full'
tuple network_levels = (network_offline, network_minimal, network_full)
string network_minimal = 'minimal'
string network_offline = 'off-line'
tuple preferred = Stability(40, 'preferred', 'Best of all - must be set manually')
dictionary stability_levels = {}
tuple stable = Stability(30, 'stable', 'Tested - no serious problems found')
tuple testing = Stability(20, 'testing', 'Stability unknown - please test!')

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