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00001 """
Records who we trust to sign interfaces.

@var trust_db: Singleton trust database instance.

# Copyright (C) 2006, Thomas Leonard
# See the README file for details, or visit http://0install.net.

import os

import basedir
from namespaces import config_site, config_prog

00015 class TrustDB(object):
      """A database of trusted keys.
      @ivar keys: a list of trusted key fingerprints
      @ivar watchers: callbacks invoked by L{notify}
      @see: L{trust_db} - the singleton instance of this class"""
      __slots__ = ['keys', 'watchers']

      def __init__(self):
            self.keys = None
            self.watchers = []
      def is_trusted(self, key):
            return key in self.keys
00030       def trust_key(self, key):
            """Add key to the list of trusted fingerprints.
            @param key: base 16 fingerprint without any spaces
            @note: call L{notify} after trusting one or more new keys"""
            if key in self.keys: return
            int(key, 16)            # Ensure fingerprint is valid
            self.keys[key] = True
      def untrust_key(self, key):
            del self.keys[key]
      def save(self):
            d = basedir.save_config_path(config_site, config_prog)
            # XXX
            f = file(os.path.join(d, 'trust'), 'w')
            for key in self.keys:
                  print >>f, key
00053       def notify(self):
            """Call all watcher callbacks.
            This should be called after trusting one or more new keys.
            @since: 0.25"""
            for w in self.watchers: w()
      def ensure_uptodate(self):
            # This is a bit inefficient...
            trust = basedir.load_first_config(config_site, config_prog,
            # By default, trust our own key
            self.keys = {}
            if trust:
                  #print "Loading trust from", trust_db
                  for key in file(trust).read().split('\n'):
                        if key:
                              self.keys[key] = True

trust_db = TrustDB()

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